Videos for our brand new NextView®5 are available shortly!

Tutorials step by step.


In this tutorial we will explain both ways to install NextView on your PC. You do have the choice between installation from a CD or a direct download from our homepage. 


Here we show you, how easy it is to go through the licensing process for the NextView PRO version, so that you can start your first measurements directly after the tutorial.

Set up projects – display measurement data

In our third tutorial of this series, we will explain how simple and fast you can set up a new project and make your measurement data visible.


Let us present to you the basic configurations of channels and all device settings in your measurement system.

Channel settings

This tutorial guides you through the channel settings in detail and the logical arrangement of channels in order to achieve a perfect result in the output format.


Now we want to show you the basics of measurement technology and demonstrate, how you can start and record your first measurement. 

Project management – screen layout

This tutorial explains the functionality and use of project management and presents the basics of the graphical surface of NextView. 

Individual layouts

In our last tutorial of this series we want to reveal all possibilities of how to individually design your display elements and adjust the layout to your personal needs.

Pro-Tutorials for the experts.

Trigger and prehistory

The first tutorial of the new pro-series introduces the functions and possibilities of trigger and prehistory.

Multiscan and filetrain

Here we are presenting to you the highly important and innovative functions of multiscan and filetrains.