Supported Hardware.

NextView supports the whole range of hardware products of bmcm, that is currently available and used to be on the market.
This includes external measurement devices, that are applied to the PC or laptop from the outside via the according interface, as well as 
PC internal DAQ cards. 

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Numbers and Facts.

Flexible in all directions.


The following file formats can be opened in NextView and displayed in graphical curve sequences:

NextView®5.x, NextView®4.x or
NextView®/NT 3.x: .lfx

NextView® (DOS): .buf, .bfs, .bfx

DIAdem or TurboLab DAFF: .dat

ModuLab: .tsf

ASCII-Datei (e.g. Excel®, WordPad,
Notepad): .asc

Textdatei (e.g. Excel®, WordPad,
Notepad): .txt

Database files: .mdb


To be able to use and process your measurement results, generated in NextView, you can export measurement signals or signal sections into the following file formats:

NextView®5.x, NextView®4.x or NextView®/NT
3.4: .lfx

DIAdem or TurboLab DAFF: .dat

ASCII-Datei (e.g. Excel®, WordPad,
Notepad): .asc

Textdatei (e.g. Excel®, WordPad,
Notepad): .txt

File formats

Measurement file (.lfx):
contains recorded signals and results of a signal analysis

NextView creates different files when performing a measurement task:

Project file (.nvp):
Informations on the screen set up and the display of signals in the according window

Configuration file (.nvc):
Presets regarding the recording and the used measurement hardware

Script file(.nvs):
Event orientated script programs for the automation of processes and realization of individual tasks
(just possible with NextView Script)

The different versions





(puls 19% VAT)
(10x License: 999.-€)
(Upgrade 4.x->5:
(Upgrade 4.x->5: 449.-€
10x-License: 5.999.-€
Number of DAQ systems 1   unlimited (also of different type)
Formula channels     16
Storage types current value, average (rate 1:20)   current value, average, min, max, rms (rate 1:1 to 1:1000)
Trigger (with prehistory)     Haken
MultiScan     Haken
Aut. numbering of measuring files Haken   Haken
Picture   Haken Haken
Static text Haken   Haken
Digital multimeter Haken   Haken
Active alarm function Haken   Haken
Live display Haken   Haken
Level indicator     Haken
Stop, scroll, zoom in live data     Haken
Graph display Haken Haken Haken
Signal representation in panels   graph display live display, graph display
x/y representation   Haken Haken
Cursors Haken Haken Haken
Cursor jumps   Haken Haken
Calculation of signal parameters (e.g. min/max)   Haken Haken
FileTrain   Haken Haken
Export Haken Haken Haken
Export signal values to clipboard   Haken Haken
Import   Haken Haken
Calculation of signals   Haken Haken
Integration   Haken Haken
Differentiation   Haken Haken
FFT   Haken Haken
Digital filter   Haken Haken
Repeat last analysis   Haken Haken
Batch job   Haken Haken
Message display Haken Haken Haken
(Push-) Button   Haken Haken
Slider     Haken
NextView Script option (fee required) Haken Haken Haken
Lock project   Haken Haken
Print graph display,
message display
Haken Haken
Print preview graph display,
message display
Haken Haken

The versions PRO and TRIAL differ just in the limited time the TRIAL version can be used.

PRO and TRAIL can connect to an unlimited number of DAQ systems, the LITE version just to one.

The following memory types are available:
current value, average (rate 1:20)
current value, average, min, max, rms (rate 1:1 to 1:1000)

The automated pagination of measurement files are just available in the LITE and PRO/TRIAL version.

Signal representation in panels is available in the PRO version in live displays and graph displays, the ANALYSIS version provides it in graph displays.

Minimal requirements for highest performance.

PC (minimal)

Processor: Pentium, 400MHz


Hard drive: >50MB

Graphics card: 1024x768, 256 colours

PC (recommended)

Processor: Pentium, 1GHz


Hard drive: >200MB

Graphics card: 1600x1200, true colour


german and english

Operating system

Windows® 8.1 / 10 / 11



Further requirements

Network card

with TCP/IP protocol

(if using a LAN data acquisition system)

Mouse or touch pad

DAQ system of bmcm

(only NV Pro, Lite, Trial)