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NextView 4 Professional, Lite, Analysis

Download NV4

Professional data acquisition and analysis

Download the latest version of NextView®4. Your version - Professional, Lite, or analysis - will be unlocked upon licensing.

Also make sure to install the latest driver package for your USB or PCI(e) data acquisition system before installing NextView®4.


See the NextView®4 quickstart for help about installation and licensing.

Type Description Version Download
Software Installation of NextView® 4.6 (Pro, Lite, Analysis, Trial) 4.6.528 Click to download NV4
Datenblatt Quick start for NextView® 4 (Pro, Lite, Analysis, Trial) 4.6 Click to download NV4 Quickstart
Katalog SOFTWARE: NextView for measurement data acquisition and analysis 05.11 Click to download NV4 flyer
Handbuch User manual for NextView® 4 4.6 Click to download NV4 user manual
Übersicht Functional overview of the NV4 versions 4.6 Click to download NV4 overview
Übersicht Application collection for bmcm hardware with NextView 4.6 Click to download NV4 applications
Software Driver package for bmcm data acquisition hardware 4.6.528 Click to download bmcm driver package
Handbuch Installation guide for the bmcm driver package 4.6 Click to download installation guide for bmcm drivers