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NextView 4 Professional

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Professional data acquisition and analysis

Visualize, control, automate, configure, scan, analyze, and document with one software. You can realize your measurement applications completely without programming efforts. The full version features all functions of the software.

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NV4 NextView®4 Professional (standard version) EUR 899.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4-10 10-license package for NextView®4 Professional EUR 4999.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4UG Upgrade 3.x --> 4 for NextView®4 Professional EUR 399.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4UGLP Upgrade NextView®4 Lite --> Professional EUR 799.- Jetzt kaufen

NextView 4 Lite

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DAQ software with basic functionality

If your measuring tasks do not require special functions, you can realize your measurement applications completely and without programming efforts. Just so simple and extremely cost-effective.

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NV4LITE NextView®4 Lite (standard version) EUR 149.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4LITE-10 10-license package for NextView®4 Lite EUR 499.- Jetzt kaufen

NextView 4 Analysis

Buy NV4 Analysis license

Process recorded data. Get results.

This version comprises the entire analysis field of NextView®4. Recorded signals or imported measuring files are visualized as curves in a graph display. Benefit from the manifold display and analysis functions of the software and achieve reliable measuring results.

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NV4AN NextView®4 Analysis (standard version) EUR 299.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4AN-10 10-license package for NextView®4 Analysis EUR 1999.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4AN-UG Upgrade 3.x --> 4 for NextView®4 Analysis EUR 129.- Jetzt kaufen

NextView 4 Script

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Script language. Similar to BASIC. Event-oriented.

With NextView®4 Script, you can realize customer-specific measuring tasks by simple programming or automate and control processes making the software NextView®4 even more multifunctional and powerful.
Download free example programs supporting you and giving you new ideas.

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NV4SCRIPT NextView®4 Script (standard version) EUR 399.- Jetzt kaufen
NV4SCRIPT-10 10-license package for NextView®4 Script EUR 2499.- Jetzt kaufen